tiny bets selena vidya

💌 Frequency: This might be once a month, it might be every other week. I’ll be experimenting to find a sweet spot of what’s useful and interesting, vs inbox fatigue.

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I’ve decided to adopt the idea of ‘tiny bets’ in my life over the past year and want to share what I’m exploring with others. What’s a tiny bet?

tiny bets are primarily driven by curiosity and “what ifs” — intentional bets that you make on yourself or your work, sometimes risky and sometimes not, to change your perspective, present, and future.

It’s all the small things you do that stack up over time to craft a reality you love and be productive in the world, in a way that works for you.

A habit, a conversation, a practice, a creation, a pause, an experiment, a dare, a less of, a more of.

Join me for the occasional exploratory memo and perspective shifts. This isn’t necessarily about ‘teaching’ things… it’s about thinking together. It’ll be fun!