I might be a recovering workaholic, but I always give 100% to any project I’m working on. Curious about what it’s like to work with me personally, or the results you can expect from my agency? Here are some testimonials from clients, peers, and colleagues I’ve worked with over the past 13+ years solo, with my agency Orthris, or as a team member at other agencies in the past.

Selena helped CrowdRise develop and implement a full, end-to-end SEO and content marketing strategy. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, forward-thinking, and a joy to work with. She’s been an invaluable resource to our marketing team and I highly recommend her.

Jeffrey Wolfe / CrowdRise

Working with Selena was a fantastic experience. I used her for an audit for a new website and the report she put together was thoughtful, thorough and comprehensive. Technical yet digestible. Her insights resulted in changes to our structure that we’re sure brought additional ROI. I’d recommend Selena to anyone looking to ensure they’re doing SEO right!

Paul Gruensfelder / Director of Marketing

Selena has gone above and beyond since the onset of our engagement. She brings a deep level of expertise and creativity, and this results in content marketing campaigns that drive easily measurable ROI for HSN.Moreover, she makes it a point to offer up actionable insights and observations that go beyond the actual scope of work of our current engagement. This kind of added value is one of the many reasons why I would recommend Selena to anyone looking for solid digital marketing strategy.

Hugo Guzman / HSN

Provided advanced consulting primarily for SEO where she demonstrated a deep understanding of the entire ecosystem, from basic onpage elements through the highest levels of site configuration, authorship, and social promotion.

Eric Lester / Ticket City

Selena is one of the most driven people I have ever known. Her drive combined with her already vast knowledge and ability to learn quickly make her incredibly valuable. Selena has learned from some of the best in the internet marketing business and has proven that she belongs in those ranks.Along with being incredibly talented, she is also a pleasure to work with. She is kind, funny, and caring while being a strong leader and mentor.

Pamela Lund

I’ve known and had the pleasure to associate with Selena in the business world since early Spring, 2010. In that short time, she’s rapidly moved up in my list of “must-know” people in business.If you are looking for guidance on how to propel your company’s online presence, Selena is an excellent strategist. Her understanding and experience with using social media, blogs, and technology to extend your message, are priceless. Her ability to interact with, and engage others online give Selena a key competitive advantage you would be wise to make use of.

Alan Bleiweiss

Selena has cultivated an intensely deep knowledge of SEO, as well as a comprehensive and ever-growing understanding of emerging trends within search marketing.Even more powerful than her knowledge is the passion Selena shows for the work that she does. She is absolutely dedicated to her work, and literally puts her blood, sweat and tears into everything she does. She challenges herself to overcome the things that scare her, and is not afraid to take on any challenge.Selena’s inquisitive mind makes her fun to be around, and her drive towards growth makes her an equally admirable individual. Selena is a highly talented woman, an asset to any business, and destined for even more great things.

Daniel Tynski

It is rare you come across a talented person like Selena. She possesses a rare combination of different skills which are highly sought after in this day and age.Selena is analytical, data driven, creative and organized. Right- and left brain. Just WOW!I worked with Selena on a number of projects for Slashdot, where the communication was always smoothly, punctual delivery of the assets and creative ideas how to squeeze more out of the agreed budgets.I would recommend Selena and BlueGlass team to every company in search of a great agency for their campaigns. Also looking forward to speak with her again on conferences, she clearly knows her stuff.

Dennis Goedegebuure / Geeknet & SlashDot

I’ve hired the companies Selena has worked for since 2010 and have collaborated with her on multiple search and PR campaigns. In the past, I ran a small in-house SEO program with limited resources. I needed someone to jump in the ring and evaluate/execute on projects my team was unable to complete. Selena not only jumped in the ring, she dug her teeth in and took on the websites as her own. Her work directly influenced the sites’ SEO growth. She has a deep knowledge and passion for search and social marketing and it shines in every project she works on. Not only is she a total SEO whiz, but she’s also a fantastic person.

Meaghan Olson

I’ve worked with many search professionals in my capacity as Snr SEO Manager at Selena by far was one of THE BEST people to work with – she’s gracious, professional, marketing savvy, and most importantly delivers great results. Consider yourself privileged to work with Selena. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Lorna Li / Salesforce

Selena is one of the most authoritative figures in the SEO industry. Her knowledge of organic search and ability to devise strategies based on best practices and exhaustive research on clients’ sites and niches makes her project management skills the best asset to a client’s organic success. Having worked directly with Selena, I can attest to the strength and relentless nature of her work ethic. She never gives 99% on a project. A project isn’t complete to her standards until it is 100% perfect.Her passion drives her to live the SEO lifestyle. It isn’t a job for her, it is a mission. Several nights a week she was up working on client projects at 1am or later, and in the office on time the next day. Clients, the SEO industry, and myself, all benefit from her continued work in organic search. If you get a chance to work with her as a client or colleague, take the opportunity.

Charles Montgomery

Selena was our day-to-day contact for SEO consulting. She was highly knowledgeable about SEO, easy to work with, and would be a great asset to a digital marketing team or agency.

Christine Kuecherer / Green Dot

Over the course of the last 3+ years, I’ve worked with Selena on several different client projects in highly competitive verticals. From my experience, she provides great results in blogger outreach and SEO projects. She is also excellent at developing creative ideas to achieve project goals. She once secured coverage with an article angle that had me calling her a genius, and our client saying that it “made my entire day.” On top of that, Selena is a pleasure to work with, always communicating clearly and providing timely responses.

John Faris / Red Door Interactive

Selena has an uncanny ability to look at a website and immediately list optimization suggestions and implementation. Her in-depth knowledge and passion for SEO and analytics made her an invaluable asset. What impressed me the most during my time under her leadership was how she completed tasks and tight deadlines with ease, all while directing and managing a team that was in a completely different time zone.

Brittany Klontz

Selena has a strong passion for her work and her drive is contagious. Selena’s knowledge and experience with SEO always brought insight into any campaign ideation. Whether it was an honest appraisal, tough feedback or clever idea, she came to the table with her “A” game and we had a better outlook for each project she was involved in.

Patrick Winfield

Selena has always marched to the beat of her own drum, and it’s really suited her. A strong, intelligent woman, she can tell you whatever you want to know about search, she’s an open book– just ask. I could always depend on her for honest advice, which enabled my team to reach far beyond client expectations. I have no doubt that whatever team she is apart of, she will be a positive asset, taking them to heights they never felt possible.

Jaclyn Lambert

I hired Selena at Search & Social and from day one, Selena has proven herself to be an outstanding digital strategist and technical SEO. She has time and time again taken the steps to educate herself and her team members on what is needed to stay highly innovative in an industry where innovation is critical to success.Selena is highly professional and business minded. She can hold her own in a room full of suits and techies, walking them through reasonings behind SEO strategy with the confidence of a 15 year veteran. I cannot express enough how important Selena has been to Search & Social and BlueGlass as she has been a cornerstone in every aspect of digital marketing, and a proven leader. Selena is a true expert in the digital marketing field and she has my fullest and utmost respect.

Loren Baker

Selena’s ability to create strategies is surpassed only by her extensive knowledge of SEO. She revels in continuing to learn in an ever-changing industry, keeping up with algorithmic updates and optimization tactics to provide clients with the highest quality and most thorough service possible. Selena strives for constant improvement, seeking out feedback and suggestions from colleagues in an effort to expand her already comprehensive knowledge and skills, and to ensure projects are well-rounded and well executed. She is also a forthright and effective communicator, which makes it very easy to work with her and get the job done in the most efficient manner.

Michelle Lowery

Hands down, Selena is the most driven and competitive person I have ever worked with. Selena always challenged me and others to think beyond the task or campaign at hand. Everything was a well-calculated strategy in her mind and this was proven in the way she organized and presented.

Amy Do

Selena was there early to help foster my early SEO roots. I remember bombarding her with constant technical questions to improve my skillset, and she was always there to help my understanding. She never turned down a good question and always had an open door policy. Selena’s work ethic has taught me how to not only be a better marketer but a better leader as well. Her ability to manage multiple projects, expand a team, and conceptualize SEO and content marketing campaigns from the top down made her an integral part of my experience at BlueGlass. I have no doubt that there are big plans for her, and I look forward to seeing where her success leads next.

Matthew Branson

I’ve worked with a number of SEO companies, but there’s not a single person at any of those companies who compares to Selena. Her in-depth knowledge of SEO is down right impressive. Selena is able to quickly identify areas for improvement, draw up an actionable plan, and work closely with the appropriate resources to work through the action items – even when outside the scope of a project. It’s this ambition that gives Selena an edge and is sure to lead her to a promising professional future in digital marketing.

Lacey Frazier

While there are countless poseurs out there, Selena has the REAL know-how and instinct to transform web surfers into valuable customers. Blogger outreach, SEO, SMM…her passion and strategic purpose for online marketing is evident. Through the chaos of the industry, Selena provides clear direction. You’ll learn a thing or two from her. I did.

Joy Adams

Selena set a great example for everyone at BlueGlass Interactive. I reported to her directly on a daily basis and she always inspired me with her work ethic, her passion, and even her corporate fashion sense. Since the day I was welcomed to BlueGlass Selena was there to mold me into an efficient and knowledgeable team member. She would be an asset to any company.

Jessica Salazar

Having watched Selena’s work for some time now as both a contractor and then as a fellow employee, I would be hard pressed to find someone better suited for the functions she performs. Her ability to craft effective and actionable strategy for clients across all lines of business is only bested by her tireless work ethic, as she is never satisfied with ‘good enough’ and is constantly looking for better and better ways to perform.While I’m hesitant to use the word “irreplaceable”, I simply cannot see how anyone else could step in and do what she does and get even half the results.

Andrew Norcross

Selena is ambitious, talented and is an invaluable employee. Her management and SEO skills are unmatchable and Selena’s work ethic is truly something to behold.

Max Griendling

I have had the chance to meet a lot of new people in this industry over the years, but only a handful that really have the passion, drive, professionalism, and gift to be a true expert in online marketing space. Selena is the total package and it is an honor to work with her on a regular basis.

Brent Csutoras

A bright and industrious leader, Selena executes tasks assiduously, and with a deft attention for detail and future goals. She is the rare person who can see both trees and forest, keeping both in mind while leveraging her insight to get results (real. clear. results ;). The best thing about Selena is her attitude: funny, light-hearted, but as serious as a hungry fox when work calls for it, she makes everyone around her laugh, love work, and hope to continue working with her. I’d gladly work for Selena or with her indefinitely. Also, Selena is an Internet meme. True story.

Michael Erin Purdy

Selena is one of the most organized people I have ever met. Her creativity and ability to handle numerous projects have proven that she excels in business quickly. Selena takes nothing for granted and demonstrates that to her peers and subordinates. With her personality and wit she makes every project an anticipation.

Shane Waite

Selena, apart from a being a great colleague, is one of the brightest young minds in the industry. Her professionalism, determination and industry specific acumen sets her apart from the others. Though Selena and I work in different departments in the same company, it is always a pleasure coordinating with Selena on projects because she is always clear and cooperative in her dealings with my department.A great asset to my company and a fantastic colleague to have

Rajiv Karran

Selena is the dream co-worker: she is always enthusiastic and ready to help. She would work overtime to help you out. She always has plenty of bright ideas how to get things done. Selena organizes things well and has everything under control. I love working with her!

Ann Smarty