About Me

selena vidya

Yo. I’m Selena Vidya — entrepreneur, actor and creative digital strategist living in Los Angeles. I’m someone who loves to help others tame their inner chaos and bring things they love into existence.

I reaaaaaally need to rewrite this bio, but here’s a short TLDR; on me.

I like to make [and sometimes break] things in business and entertainment — from processes, to structures, to creating things from scratch. I also love helping people take control of their time so they can live and work intentionally.

A short list of what I’m interested in:

  • Web3
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Exploring the forest
  • Unplugging in Joshua Tree 🌵
  • Aesthetically pleasing things
  • The spaces in-between where magic happens
  • Psychology and why humans do what they do
  • Music (see: emo, electronic, metal)
  • Reading #allthebooks
  • Car enthusiast (My 911 is the longest car I’ve kept and it’s a dream machine)
  • Being curious and falling down random rabbit holes (thanks, Reddit)
  • Unconventional topics (see: ghosts, astrology)

For now you can peruse my NOW page, or catch me on Linkedin, IG, and Twitter.