Fluff Fluff Fluff (Fluff Fluff)

death to fluff selena vidya


Please read title to the tune of WERK WERK WERK WERK WERK.

You’re welcome.

I’m sitting here on a Sunday, removing random shit from my bookmarks bar – things I’ve deemed important to be front and center in my browser, but ironically haven’t touched or looked at in forever – and having a cold, hard internal dialogue with myself about fluff.

Fluff is all that random stuff that takes up a cozy little space in our heads, which ultimately chain us from performing at our highest. Emails. Bookmarks. Events. Things we say yes to even though we don’t want to – and then the subsequent stress that arises from having to decide whether to go or not. We are all running out of time in the most literal sense. Although, time is subjective, the truth is, something (time) is passing.

For some reason, I had a website pinned on my bookmarks bar for 5 Random Facts. I was intent on learning 5 random facts a day (even though Reddit is now mostly my go-to for anything interesting and educational) but once I pinned it up there, I visited it like… twice.

Fluff. Total utter fluff. I’m come to learn that I’m a wildly disciplined undisciplined person, and in coming to that realization, I’m forcing myself to cut out alot. of. random. shit. I’ve always been convinced that people are capable of anything. You want it? Go get it. Will it be hard? Yeah. Might it take years? Probably. But the point is, we can do anything we want in this world. We create these constructs of space, time, society, and all these other variables meant to make us feel as if we have to step in line and work in a certain way.

We’re all catalysts for change. Each and every one of us. I think because we have so many options, we get in our own way. I know I certainly do. So a challenge to myself this month is to cut out the fluff, hold myself accountable to my business, my business partners, my creative partners,  and friends, while saying no and really thinking twice about things I agree to outside of that. Scope creep in business is real (and can completely demolish a business – ask me how I know) and scope creep in life is just as real.

First order of business is reclaiming one hour a day and chipping away at a few smaller projects that I have. I’m a Reddit junkie, so I’ll typically spend an hour before bed catching up and reading some threads in subreddits I follow. I’m trying to replace that time with an hour a day towards moving the needle on business, writing, and other things I’m committed to.

Also, NO MORE ANNOYING EMAILS IN MY INBOX THAT I DON’T WANT. I’ve already had it with junk in snail mail to the point where I literally don’t get my mail anymore (Shane gets it). I’m at this point with my inbox too.

What would you build with an extra hour a day? Where can you find that hour?

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