Conquering Local SEO with Relationships

Local SEO and relationships

There’s much more to the local pie than relationships, but they’re an important part of building a strong presence in your city. Here’s an old presentation I did at PubCon talking about outreach and relationship building. There may be some outdated information in here (especially since the local pack and how Google serves local results […]

Leveraging SEO Data for Insight

leveraging SEO data for insight

This is an old presentation from BlueGlass X (2012) and goes over techniques and tactics to understand the data your pulling on your client, website, and competitors in your industry. There may be some outdated information or tools in here since I haven’t overhauled it since that day. Some things covered: SEO Tools (Screaming Frog, […]

A Stalker’s Guide to Competitive Research


Note: This is a really old post I wrote somewhere else, which is no longer in existence. Some of my media assets are missing, so if you see anything referencing an image, sorry. :( Competitive research is an area that’s either completely overlooked by a brand, or taken to an extreme level while missing the […]