We’re Not Just a Reflection of Our Work

A brief hello! And I’m finishing this up at 2 am because (surprise) I can’t sleep. This is what the universe has been doing to me today:


But since I can’t sleep, I may as well be productive. Cause anything is better than laying in bed and staring at the ceiling with a Doberman cutting the circulation off to my leg. When the universe hands you lemons, you do everything possible to not get lemon juice in your eyes, amirite?

Weird things happen when you go out into the world to build a business – whether truly alone or with partners. You no longer simply become all about the work, and your life is no longer just a reflection of one thing. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, because it kind of consumes your life at the same time. But when you experience such a vast shift in consciousness every day and you’re no longer just heads down in the work all day, every day, you become more than a reflection of your work. Your world really expands in ways you’d never expect – both positively and negatively.

You manage things you didn’t expect to be managing. You learn a shit load about random things that you never had a need to learn about before. You read a lot of books. You take up really strange hobbies in order to unwind your brain and turn off work mode. If you’re lucky, you start meeting a ton of crazy awesome people who are in the same boat as you… and in the same vein, you really learn about the types of people who will be detrimental to your well being.

Because of that, my world has really consisted of so many different things other than strictly SEO and digital marketing, even though we’re still working with clients every day.

But I’m honestly at the point in life where my longing to talk about other things is outweighing my desire to post here every now and again on marketing. What about all of the in between? I’ve been slowly expanding what I write about on this blog because – well, it’s mine – and I want it to reflect me. But every time I get really giddy about that, part of me feels like I shouldn’t stray away from those topics – you know, topical dilution and such. Damn you brain.

There’s so much that I’m learning outside of my usual comfort zone, and I really only have a handful of friends my age that can relate to where I am in my life, because they’re on the same journey as me. Someone whom I love dearly recently wrote about the entrepreneurship journey, and no matter how many times I read it, it rings true each and every time. Some people are going to get you, and some people aren’t. Actually, most people won’t get you, but you find solace in that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this to be a destination for. It’s not worth building another blog so that I can separate writing about SEO related topics from other things right now. This has actually never been much of a lead generator (purposefully – I never treated it that way). So rather than deal with the annoying crisis of where to write what, I’m just going to include it all here.

Who knows, maybe that’ll be a mistake in the long run, but we’re all 3 dimensional. There are so many facets to us as individuals, and I don’t want to resist the urge to click Publish because I’m worried about whether my post fits into my own blog. That’s just silly talk. Sometimes I may feel like pondering existentialism or science without putting it on a third party publication like Medium. Sure, there’s a benefit to that. But I want you to get to know meand I don’t want this blog to just be focused on one part of my career.

I’m not really sure what I plan on writing about just yet, or how many of you may follow along with me for the journey, but I felt as though some kind of *change* post was needed. Maybe more for myself then for you, friends. Sometimes I just need a mental clear slate.

I want to add some kind of witty analogy or metaphor here, but I’m pretty famously known for butchering both. Don’t you want to experience all of that here?! You know you do.

It’s with much sadness that I hit publish… because that means I have to get back to staring at the ceiling and not sleeping. I shake my fist at you, insomnia.

PS: Because I’m crazy, launched a side passion project called Permissionless that’s technically work, but it’s not client work, so it doesn’t really feel like work. What is my life?!

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