Day 3: Honor Thy Body

HI and thanks for joining me. For those of you who landed on this post without any kind of context – first off, welcome to the jungle. Second – leading up to my birthday I’m (attempting) to write a quick lesson per day for 13 days talking about things I’ve learned over the years. Some of them might be serious, some of them might be extremely random and not relevant at all to your life, but I hope you enjoy!

So, back to day 3.

There are days when my body says fuck. no. And it doesn’t do it lightly either. It’s obnoxious. It’s obvious. It’s definitely learned how to speak to me in a way that makes me pay attention.

bulldog on ice

I’ve started to get physically sick if I work too hard**. It’s taken many years for that to happen, and I always used to think people were just whining when they talked about how sick from stress they were. Over the past year, I finally started feeling the affects.

** Hard is also code word for inefficiently. I don’t think any kind of work is “hard”, but I think how we choose to tackle it – especially if we’re not honoring our limits – makes it harder and more inefficient.

When I felt really crappy before, I was always stuck in the office, with a team who needing me, and it was really hard to just say to myself “go home. Rest. You need it.” Or, it literally wasn’t an option.

I’ve finally started to understand that …

I’m not invincible. I do need sleep. Even when my mind is trolling me.

troll face

I need to understand the diminishing return of my mental state when I’m working on emotionally/mentally taxing projects. A stopping point is a good thing.

When I start to get a physical reaction to something (it doesn’t happen, but when it does… boy is it strong) it’s time to step away. Whether that means going for a walk, going to the gym, grabbing coffee., or driving around. When my body is telling me something, I’ve finally started to listen. I’ve been sleeping more and more focused.

When something hurts, I actually take care of it instead of ignoring it.

This also carries over to the gym – I can’t work myself really hard at the gym without rehabbing my body through massages and relaxation. I always thought people who went out to get massages and had spa days were silly. Like, shouldn’t you be working on something meaningful instead of just wasting time relaxing? But I digress, and I admit that I was wrong. Now I get it, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHY MASSAGES ARE AMAZING and I need more of them in my life.

Except for when they hurt. Last time it was like having a bag of marbles rolled around in my back. Which obvs means I need more massages. I’m down with that.

I’ve found out I can go too hard at the gym. If I need a rest day, I NEED a rest day. Doesn’t matter if everyone else is ‘going hard’ (according to their instagrams). I need to honor my body and workout in a way that maximizes my performance and returns, not leaves me broken for a few days and losing progress.

And that my friends, is all she wrote about honoring thy body.

What was day 2? Living with focus and intention.

How do you honor your body? What do you like to do when you know you’re overexerting yourself? Does it involve ice cream? Please say yes.


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    Sorry, Selena, don’t mean to spam you, but I was just reading through some of your other posts. I see you’ve also done Taekwondo. Having done karate for decades, I’ve now moved on to yoga. You think massages are great? Well, try Power Yoga. My first recommendation is Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga series; second, Travis Elliot’s Ultimate Yogi. This Kest workout is my favourite: but is very challenging at first. At the end of the workout, instead of feeling drained like after the gym, I’m rejuvenated and energized. Forget easier forms of yoga, as they don’t keep one as fit and in shape as Power Yoga does.

    All the best


    • Selena Vidya says

      No need to apologize! I appreciate that you’ve spent time reading through my posts :)

      It’s nice to meet a fellow martial artist, and I’m going to look into power yoga! I started doing (well, attempting) yoga a few months ago, and I found that it helped me but I found great difficulty in some of the things. If I’m going to be challenged, it seems like being challenged through power yoga may yield better results. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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    Thanks for the response, Serena. I simply repeated the same videos over and over 3-4 times a week for about 5 years straight! It probably took me about six months before I could do all the moves. Then I went back to karate, and now I’ve gone back to yoga!

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