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I attended Authority Rainmaker 2 weeks ago out in Denver, which is a newish conference put on by Copyblogger. Last year was fantastic, and I was able to share my thoughts on outreach strategy and relationship building on their traffic panel. As an attendee this year, I was absolutely blown away by the speakers. Last year was top notch, but this year? Leveled up x1000.

The Ellie Caulkins opera house venue was as magical as a unicorn (it lent a certain ambiance to each session), the sessions were so insightful and actionable, and the networking and events each day were where some of the best conversations brewed.

ellie caulkins opera house authority rainmaker

I wanted to live blog and share a recap post, but unfortunately I was so absorbed in the sessions, that I wasn’t able (willing) to turn away and take notes.

The first night, I ran into Clark Bucker (a conference podcaster who has a really sweet mobile setup) and was asked to participate in a quick podcast conversation for TechnologyAdvice which would discuss some of what I talked about last year, along with what I saw for the industry as a whole in the coming years. A TON of other fantastic marketers also participated, so take a listen when you have some time.

[Copyblogger also has a great post that pulls some of the best quotes from each person interviewed.]

What I love about this is hearing all of the different perspectives coming from individuals in different discplines- whether that’s from someone who’s a community manager, business advisor, brand consultant, founder, etc.

Here’s a little bit from mine. To give this context, we launched Orthris last year as an agency, where we handled content creation for [very] select clients that we felt we could do excellent work for. Now we’ve shifted to primarily offering consulting services where we train in-house and either work with existing content teams, or help our clients identify the team that they need to build out in order to handle the types of content needed to move the needle.

Clark: Let’s talk a little bit about your consultancy and how you’ve grown from an agency to now being more of a consultancy. Why did you make that change, and  that might give us a good transition to talk a little about some of the trends that you’re seeing in content marketing.

Selena: Yeah. We started off as an agency, and we have fantastic partners on the content side who can write great content and create great content. But what I’ve been noticing is it’s more sustainable if you work directly with the brand’s team, where you’re able to help them hire in key people to write, design – whatever they need to do for content. And so we shifted to more of a consultancy because it’s easier to enable their internal team, and there’s a lot of red tape when you’re creating content and not directly involved with that brand every day. For us it’s more of an empowerment/education type of thing, rather than being the ones who bring them the content, if that makes sense.

Clark: So you’re trying to provide all the needed resources so you can go in and make a sustainable implementation, more or less. So you’re teaching people how to run their own shop.

Selena: Yeah, so it’s basically you give them the training wheels, you help them understand it. And the goal as a consultant is to be there when they need you, but they really need to be able to do this stuff themselves as well; it’s the only way that they’re going to be able to grow.

What’s your favorite takeaway from from the interview sessions? Which ones really got your gears turning?


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