Less and More: Less Bitching, More Action

Phew. Week two and I’m going strong still (kind of) on the short posts. Sorry this is on a Saturday and not a Friday like I promised, but hey! I’m just glad I actually got one up this week for you. :) I created a YouTube version of my previous post in case you were interested.

My Less&More goal this week was simple: Less bitching… more action.

Less Bitching

Look, we all have hardship in our lives or things that we feel are preventing us from performing at our best when it comes to work or things that are important. We all do. But what differentiates those that win from those that spin in circles is the ability to cut the crap and hone in on the work that needs to be done. It’s so ridiculously easy to get caught up in industry drama, people drama, things that are out of our control (like the Hello Kitty convention in LA) and so on. But does complaining really help? Really?


Because there are people out there who have bigger concerns, like a severe health condition that forced them to stare death in the face, who are running circles around what we’re accomplishing. Complaining about things is wasted energy, and we need to preserve all the energy we can in this life for things that elevate us to the next level.

Cause one day, we might be dead and bitching from the grave about how we wasted so much energy on things that didn’t matter.

More Action

There isn’t really much to say here.

Put yo’ blinders on.

Just go and DO.

Do more.

Don’t waste mental energy on things that don’t affect you. Every moment you spend bitching about something is one less moment you have to spend dominating your life.

Every time I complain about something, I’m going to put a dollar in a jar, so I can see the physical manifestation of Negative.

What are you going to try?


  1. says

    You know what’s so cool about this (I think anyway) – it’s so damn true, and much much easier than people realise, but also very easy to lose sight of.
    It’s about adopting a mindset of appreciation for what we have and making the most of the time + the resources/opportunities we have access to. When we complain about something, we take our eyes off the positives and possibilities.
    You’re right, complaining is a total waste of energy. It’s also a catalyst for stress, which is sorts of wrong right there.
    Glad I read this. It’s good to be reminded of what’s important.

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