Less and More: Less Bitching, More Action

Phew. Week two and I’m going strong still (kind of) on the short posts. Sorry this is on a Saturday and not a Friday like I promised, but hey! I’m just glad I actually got one up this week for you. :) I created a YouTube version of my previous post in case you were […]

Urban Outfitters Debacle – Shaming is Shaming, No Matter Who is Being Shamed

Urban Outfitters Skinny Shame ASA Removal

I came across this gem in my Facebook feed yesterday (thanks, trending box.) titled “Urban Outfitters Posts Scary-Skinny Thigh Gap Ad on Website, Is Ordered to Remove the Image“ By posting this, it’s likely that I’ll offend some group of people, but I can’t really silence myself because I’m concerned about that. Let me be […]

Screw Resolutions. Try Less and More Lists.

New Years List

Year after year, we make resolutions that we’ll probably keep for the first quarter of the year, and then they disappear into infinity because we get lazy, or tired, or distracted, or busy, or one of the million reasons we give ourselves to justify its lack of existence. I’m guilty of it, and you know […]

Choose to be Selfish

Only when we close our eyes, are we finally able to see

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about life (again) which is generally when I tend to blog. I haven’t had the urge to blog much lately because I’ve been trying to keep my rambling to marketing on here, but every now and again I feel like I experience a stalemate and it just […]