We’re Not Just a Reflection of Our Work


A brief hello! And I’m finishing this up at 2 am because (surprise) I can’t sleep. This is what the universe has been doing to me today: But since I can’t sleep, I may as well be productive. Cause anything is better than laying in bed and staring at the ceiling with a Doberman cutting […]

Tieks, Body Image, Treating Yo Self and other UGT (Unexpected Girly Things)

Iconic Beauty Ryan Astamendi

I’m going to take you on a little rant-y journey about body image, treating yo’ self, and fashion. I am by no means an outwardly feminine person. Like, at all. Not really by choice – I mean, my insides have some femininity. To my Inside, I’m pretty much an awesome diva that loves taking care of herself […]

The Case of the Disappearing Selly

sun tzu quote

Where oh where have I been.  I kind of pulled a disappearing act didn’t I?  The good news is, nothing happened and clearly I’m still alive. Sometimes life just gets really busy, and we have to unwillingly neglect the things we care a lot about. And to me, you’re the thing I care about, dear reader. I’m sorry. […]

Less and More: Less Bitching, More Action

Phew. Week two and I’m going strong still (kind of) on the short posts. Sorry this is on a Saturday and not a Friday like I promised, but hey! I’m just glad I actually got one up this week for you. :) I created a YouTube version of my previous post in case you were […]