Fluff Fluff Fluff (Fluff Fluff)

death to fluff selena vidya

  Please read title to the tune of WERK WERK WERK WERK WERK. You’re welcome. I’m sitting here on a Sunday, removing random shit from my bookmarks bar – things I’ve deemed important to be front and center in my browser, but ironically haven’t touched or looked at in forever – and having a cold, […]


quote about change

I’ve been finding it hard to write lately. Maybe it’s because as I do things more publicly, I’m becoming acutely aware of how things live on forever and EVER on the interwebz, and I don’t want something I feel today and not tomorrow come back to haunt me. Maybe it’s because I find myself shapeshifting so frequently […]

Day 3: Honor Thy Body

bulldog on ice

HI and thanks for joining me. For those of you who landed on this post without any kind of context – first off, welcome to the jungle. Second – leading up to my birthday I’m (attempting) to write a quick lesson per day for 13 days talking about things I’ve learned over the years. Some […]

Day 2: Living with Focus and Intention

Hi everyone! It’s day 2 of my journey to (hopefully) impart 13 thoughts of wisdom leading up to my birthday. The first one had to do with giving back – this one has to do with focusing and living with intention. I’ve learned that while I can multi-task and handle anything that’s thrown my way, […]

November 30 Day Challenge

HIIIII everyone. Just a quick update post… things have been super hectic/exciting the past few months, so I’ve been slacking on the writing side of things. DO YOU FORGIVE ME?! Say yes. Pleaseeeeee. It’s November again! This year is flying by so ridiculously fast. It feels like just yesterday we were planning the start of a […]