About Me

selena vidyaYo. I’m Selena Vidya. I’m an entrepreneur, actor and creative digital strategist that likes to make [and sometimes break] things in startups and entertainment. I exist on coffee. Lots of coffee. Also, this bio is really old and needs to be rewritten. ON IT.

Professional History:

I’m a digital marketing consultant with a strong focus on organic search, app marketing and social activation/event marketing. My absolute favorite areas to work in are the entertainment industry (film/music) and with growing app companies. I’m also the President and Head of Digital Strategy of a company named Orthris, that focuses on all of the above. I’ve found lately that a lot of my consulting has been focused on the business side of things, so there may be a shift coming up.

I started out working with my own consultancy whose primary goal was to help SMBs and non-profits with branding, their organic presence, and understanding how to market themselves online. Some time after, I was responsible for building and directing both the social media outreach and strategy development teams for BlueGlass Interactive, and then moved on to build and direct the strategy team for a consultancy called Foundation Digital.

Feel free to visit my Linkedin for the nitty gritty details.

I’ve built teams and worked on both the strategy/consulting and execution side. While my experience is strong in both, I’m particularly drawn to putting together roadmaps and training internal teams on 1) execution and 2) how to setup workflows that can help small or large teams work to the best of their abilities on that execution.

My main areas of focus are:

  • Content Strategy
  • “Launch” Roadmaps (strategy when first launching an app]
  • Audit Roadmaps [Both technical/off-site]
  • Competitive Research
  • Multi-tiered Organic Strategy for Growth [Multiple Channels]
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Training
  • Content and Outreach Roadmaps

I’m also a speaker at a variety of different conferences.

Creative Work:

My other love is film and creative storytelling… which really makes sense when I think about why I love digital marketing so much; it’s really all about story telling. I’ve been acting and writing since as far back as I can remember, and I’m currently working as an actor, writer and producer in various capacities. I do a lot of work on the creative side, including partnering with others in the entertainment industry to create shorts and tell stories. If you’re interested in discussing anything related to collaboration through producing, acting, writing, or storytelling, you can feel free to contact me.


I’m really big into business, innovation, technology, media and learning how to cultivate all of those elements into something that’s actionable and meaningful. Digital marketing and social entrepreneurs will change the world, and I believe we’re at an important intersection of the above where anything can be a reality. I’m an avid reader, writer, lover of the film industry, and a huge automotive enthusiast. I drink a lot of coffee, listen to music just a little bit too loud, and I’m drawn to the ocean like a fly to honey. I’m also a long time equestrian and US Cup Tae Kwon Do gold-medalist. Feel free to drop me a line if you’re interested in chatting.