November 30 Day Challenge

HIIIII everyone. Just a quick update post… things have been super hectic/exciting the past few months, so I’ve been slacking on the writing side of things. DO YOU FORGIVE ME?! Say yes. Pleaseeeeee.

It’s November again! This year is flying by so ridiculously fast. It feels like just yesterday we were planning the start of a new year, and yet another one is right around the corner. 2016. Holy crap.

After reflecting on the year thus far, I’ve decided to do a 30 day challenge. I’m not exactly sure why – actually, I think I came to the same conclusion last year and did a 30 day challenge that didn’t go so hot. This year, I’m doing something I believe to be attainable AND something that’ll be great for my crazy brain that’s always going a mile a minute.

I’m sharing this because maybe it’ll inspire you to do this with me, or come up with a challenge of your own.

SO what’s my 30 day challenge?

My 30 day challenge is kind of a challenge and a half. The month is going to be focused on one goal: centering my mind, body and soul. I do two things in abundance; work, and fitness. I’ve been needing to figure out how to care for my mind and body more, because I’m definitely feeling exhausted and imbalanced lately – not to mention I have the worst knots in my back, and even a deep tissue massage hasn’t helped.

Without further ado… I present to you… the challenge:

I’m going to meditate daily, and take yoga at least once a week, but I’m really aiming for two. These are both hot topics as of late, even though we’ve long known the benefits of meditation and yoga, and honestly I could really use some chill time in my crazy schedule. I plan on meditating when I wake up in the morning (pre caffeine? We’ll see if I can handle that.) before I jump into my free flow writing, and work for the day.

Yoga will likely be on Friday and Sunday mornings.

I’m hoping that integrating those into my life will help quiet down my obsessive mind, allow me to flow more on my creative projects, and also help my body stretch out after the intense work I put it through each week.

So, let’s go! What’s your 30 day challenge? If you don’t have one and you’re interested in trying it, let’s do this one together. Everyone can benefit from meditation in their lives… even though it took me a while to begrudgingly believe it. :)

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