Kurt Cobain with Cig and Guitar

The Ghost of You

This might be too much for those of you who are pre-coffee because it’s¬†borderline “dark”. ¬†I’ll wait a second while you go fetch a cup. Or, I suppose, the drink of your choice. I’ll ignore the fact that it’s 10 AM. *taps foot* Ok, are you back? Let’s go.

Less and More: Less Bitching, More Action

Phew. Week two and I’m going strong still (kind of) on the short posts. Sorry this is on a Saturday and not a Friday like I promised, but hey! I’m just glad I actually got one up this week for you. :) I created a YouTube version of my previous … Read on →

Less And More – Less Silence, More Real Talk

Welcome to what I hope is the first of many posts in my “Less&More” post series. Just to freshen up the memory of where this came from, I wrote a post the other week that basically said eff resolutions. My goal is to share my thoughts on what I want … Read on →

Urban Outfitters Debacle – Shaming is Shaming, No Matter Who is Being Shamed

I came across this gem in my Facebook feed yesterday (thanks, trending box.) titled “Urban Outfitters Posts Scary-Skinny Thigh Gap Ad on Website, Is Ordered to Remove the Image“ By posting this, it’s likely that I’ll offend some group of people, but I can’t really silence myself because I’m concerned … Read on →

New Years List

Screw Resolutions. Try Less and More Lists.

Year after year, we make resolutions that we’ll probably keep for the first quarter of the year, and then they disappear into infinity because we get lazy, or tired, or distracted, or busy, or one of the million reasons we give ourselves to justify its lack of existence. I’m guilty … Read on →

Content is a journey for your audience

Content Marketing Challenge – Expanding Mediums Beyond the Written Word

Written content is perfect for some, but not always the right content strategy for others. At Pubcon Vegas 2014, I talked about alternative mediums and strategies. As usual, without narration or attending the panel, it may be a little rough to follow the presentation. I’m always open for chatting content. … Read on →

Only when we close our eyes, are we finally able to see

Choose to be Selfish

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about life (again) which is generally when I tend to blog. I haven’t had the urge to blog much lately because I’ve been trying to keep my rambling to marketing on here, but every now and again I feel like I experience … Read on →

Local SEO and relationships

Conquering Local SEO with Relationships

There’s much more to the local pie than relationships, but they’re an important part of building a strong presence in your city. Here’s an old presentation I did at PubCon talking about outreach and relationship building. There may be some outdated information in here (especially since the local pack and … Read on →

leveraging SEO data for insight

Leveraging SEO Data for Insight

This is an old presentation from BlueGlass X (2012) and goes over techniques and tactics to understand the data your pulling on your client, website, and competitors in your industry. There may be some outdated information or tools in here since I haven’t overhauled it since that day. Some things … Read on →

Passion Nelson Mandela

Some Thoughts on Passion – Brought To You By a “List” Post

This originally started out as a Facebook post in response to an article that came through my feed, but I decided it might make for a much better post since my blog has been so lonely lately. This is the post I’m referencing. It might seem like your standard, run … Read on →